Imray - Navigating the Thames trought central London
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Imray - Navigating the Thames trought central London

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Rules, hazards, distances, and places between Margaret Ness and Putney Bridge

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Robert Ludlow
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This small book is intended principally as a help to leisure boaters who are not familiar with the Thames through central London. However, Part 2 may well help even the most seasoned of watermen. The length of the river covered is from Margaret Ness in the east, to Putney Bridge in the west. This is the area for which a local knowledge endorsement is required for most commercial skippers. It is a very busy part of the Thames, with every conceivable type of craft likely to be encountered.

The book is divided into three parts:

  • The first part gives general information and advice, and in passing, mentions local rules which will be relevant
  • The second part lists many places the names of which you might read or hear on the radio
  • The third part outlines the types of hazard you will encounter as you make your way up river on a fold-out chart

Part Number: PIL0094
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9781846234897
Publisher: Imray Laurie Norie And Wilson Ltd
Author: Robert Ludlo
Format: Paperback