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About the Nautic Way Maritime Bookstore

The Maritime Nautic Way bookstore is an Authorized Agent

Our commitment: whatever the brands, always offer you up-to-date documents, nautical charts and nautical works, as quickly as possible and at the best prices; so that you can sail with peace of mind on all the seas and oceans of the planet.

Our specialist advice: being an approved maritime bookstore certifies that we work closely with publishers and that our knowledge of maps and nautical works allows us to (almost) always respond immediately to your requests.

The Nautic Way maritime bookstore brings you its expertise whatever your core business and whatever your needs. It adapts to all your requests and offers numerous articles: nautical charts, navigation works, maritime literature, decorative objects, etc., intended in particular for a clientele of boaters and merchant marine professionals.

Reseller for retailers

The Nautic Way maritime bookstore is an approved agent for several hydrographic and cartographic services around the world, and distributes for ship chandlers, bookstores, etc. The advantages of going through the Nautic Way maritime bookstore? A very complete catalog of +25,000 references, Print on Demand (printing certain nautical charts on its plotters) allows its retail customers to group their orders together and receive them within a very short time.

A brief history of the Nautic Way Maritime Bookstore

The history of the Librairie Maritime Nautic Way is directly linked to that of the emagazine Voiles News magazine, which was the precursor of nautical magazines on the internet since 1998. With more than 150,000 subscribers to its newsletter, it has long been the leader of the nautical digital press in France. The magazine's e-boutique pages will experience growing success.

Given the success of the e-boutique, it became independent in 2012 to become the Maritime Nautic Way Bookstore.

Librairie Maritime Outremer

In 2023, Librairie Maritime Nautic Way bought the business name Librairie Maritime Outremer, which was located rue Jacob in Paris. This historic bookstore, founded in 1838, was the oldest bookstore in France, and was the historic distributor of Shom, which was located, at the time, a few hundred meters away.

For more than 12 years, the Librairie Maritime Nautic Way has participated and left its mark on the French maritime landscape. Accompanying ocean racers, explorers, administrations, maritime schools, maritime transport companies, oil platform and maritime wind turbine maintenance companies, military navies, professional fishermen, boaters and world tourers, ...