Imray - M18 - Capo d’Anzio to Capo Palinuro
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  • Imray - M18 - Capo d’Anzio to Capo Palinuro
  • Imray - M18 - Capo d’Anzio to Capo Palinuro

Imray - M18 - Capo d?Anzio to Capo Palinuro

Carte papier pliée En langue anglaise
The Imray charts are folded in a format close to the A4 and delivered in sturdy PVC pockets.
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chart printed to order incorporating the latest corrections
Carte papier pliée
En langue anglaise
Classification scale paper chart
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A0 (118,9 x 84,1 cm)
Paper chart format
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We endeavour to sell only the latest versions of nautical charts that include the most recent updates.

Imray nautical charts use the meter as reference unit.

All Imray charts are now based on the WGS 84 reference system. Except for some Imray-Iolaire charts of the Caribbean Sea, all charts are in the metric system. Each chart includes reference system details and projection on which it is based, in order to be entirely safely used with GPS navigation systems.

Familiar to navigators, nautical charts have undergone intensive evolution over time. Whatever chart is used, precautions must be taken for safe use.

Pack :

The paper:
Imray has adopted Pretex, a support whose main characteristic is its resistance to use in humid conditions (rain, sea-spray), while still enabling easy writing and erasing of personal navigation data (position and route plotting, etc.).
This support is latex coated paper, which makes it highly resistant to folding, even when wet. This water resistance is not unlimited but provides the chart with satisfactory durability.

Imray charts coverage is divided into several series:

  • West Europe, series C charts provide general coverage of the scale with large-scale charts incorporated.
  • The Mediterranean, series G and M charts provide general coverage of the scale with charts incorporated.
  • Atlantic and East caribbean, Imray - A, B, D, and E Iolaire series tables ensure general coverage of the scale with charts incorporated.

Sheet sizes :

  • Serie C: 787 x 1118 mm (31" x 44")
  • other series: 640 x 900 mm (25" x 351/2")
  • Series 2000 : A2 590 x 420 mm

Technical information:
Imray charts are designed for leisure boating with its cartography, containing a distinct colour coding system and a dense grid for easier plotting.


Both sides print:

Reprint and updates:
Based on official update surveys, Imray charts are continuously overseen by the publisher, who monitors corrections, so that the charts are always as accurate as possible and ready for delivery.

Nautical charts are corrected up to the printing date; updates can be downloaded from the Imray website until a new edition is published. Once a new edition has been published, the previous edition cannot be corrected; it is considered dangerous for navigation and must be replaced.