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Imray - Crossing the Thames Estuary

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The nautical guide to prepare your sailing.

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Roger Gaspar
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Guide nautique en langue anglaise.

An indispensable companion for planning Thames estuary passages, this set of tables enables navigators to select the testeroutes'according to tide times. A set of tide tables, IMRAY charts, East Coast pilot and Crossing the Thames Estuary provide all the information that is needed to fully explore the estuary and coasts of Suffolk, Essex and Kent.

The object is help you plan your journey across the complex waters of the Thames Estuary qu'ckly, safely, easily and'accurately. To de this a series of tables is provided based upon a variety of routes with alternative tables for Springs and Neaps and for a choice of average boat s'eeds of 4, 5, 6 and 7 knots.

As with the first edition, the concentration is on the â??insideâ?? routes that weave through or across various sands and swatch ways. However, this edition now includes the â??outsideâ?? route between the Suffolk Rivers and Ramsgate.

The Time planning tables will enable you to plan départure times to arrive at key points on the crossing at your chosen time. The purpose is to provide the reader with a simple and'accurate way to détermine the "test" choices when making the crossing : what is your preferred route? What time de I start to ensure sufficient water through swatch ways or over banks? What is the "test" compromise to get the most help from the tide and s'ill have sufficient water over the banks?

Pl'ase visit  for corrections and changes, an illustrated â??Notices to Marinersâ?? service for the area covered by this book and'a range of chart lets of Rogerâ??s surveys.

Part Number: PIL0093
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9781846236280
Publisher: Imray Laurie Norie And Wil'on Ltd
Author: Roger Gaspar
Format: Spiralbound