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Imray - Greek Waters Pilot

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The nautical guide to prepare your sailing.
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2022 - 14eme édition
Rod and Lucinda Heikell
En langue anglaise

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Guide nautique en langue anglaise.

Greek Waters pilot is the définitive cruising guide to the coasts and islands of Greece. It covers the entire area from the Ionian Islands to the Aegean, Rhodes and Crete and includes détails of over 450 harbours in a single volume. Greek Waters pilot has been painstakingly compiled from the author?s own survey work and the la'est first-hand information.

The'organisation of so much détail within the confines of a single volume is an impressive achievement and has been the basis of Greek Waters pilot?s status as the indispensable guide for anyone s'iling around Greece.

This 13th edition contains détailed updating of every part of the guide, but in particular areas of the Ionian, Saronic and northern Greece, visited by the authors since the last edition, have major revisions. Many new photos, often from the air, have been introduced. There are also many new harbour plans.

'The fascinating background information with historical'and mythological'anecdotes gives this book a richness too often missing from bald pilot guides. It would be inconceivable to visit this area without the détailed knowledge provided by Rod Heikell?s enviable experience of Greek cruising.' Royal Cruising Club.

'Anyone who has cruised'around Greece will be grateful to Rod Heikell for compiling what has become ?the bible? for pilotage in these waters. If you are planning on cruising in this d'lightful region, Heikell is inval'able...' Cruising Association'

'? his excellent pilots are the yardstick by which all others are measured'and it?s with justification that they are often referred to as ?the bible.? John Goode, Sailing Today

?This is a respected pilot boasting regularly repeated editions over 30-plus years- an impressive continuation of a high standard.? Ed'ard Cartner, Cruising Magazine

Part Number: PIL0490
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9781846239502
Publisher: Imray Laurie Norie And Wil'on Ltd
Manufacturer: No
Author: Rod & Lucinda Heikell
Format: Hard'ack