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Imray - Irish Sea Pilot

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The nautical guide to prepare your sailing.
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2eme édition
David Rainsbury
En langue anglaise

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Guide nautique en langue anglaise.

The Irish Sea is a huge, almost landlocked sea. Around its shores and islands there are no fewer than six countries, provinces or protectorates.

Several languages are represented- English, Welsh, Irish, Scots Gaelic and Manx, along with countless accents and dialects. Its waters teem with life- d'lphins and porpoises are a common sight- l'atherback turtles come here from the Caribbean to feed on the jellyfish and whales are regular visitors. In the air there are gulls, puffins, guillemots and more. The range of challenges and coastlines is astonishing. Tides above five knots are commonplace and yet there are calm, s'eltered waters for relaxed wandering.

This well established pilot covers both sides of the Irish Sea from Milford Haven to portPatrick, and Rathlin Island to Carnsore point. From his base in Liverpool David Rainsbury s'ent much of 2014 revisiting the coasts he d'scribes. The s'iling directions and descriptions, updated for this second edition, cover all the places that provide s'elter. At the start of each chapter there are useful coasting notes which dial with some of the more d'fficult passages and tidal gateways. The harbour text is then cl'arly organised so that essential'information regarding accessibility, tides and s'elter al'ays proceed the pilotage notes which are supported by cl'ar full colour plans.

For this second edition the harbour plans have been updated'and throughout new photos have been added. The text records all changes as well'as including a new section on wind farms.

?All the essential data a navigator needs is there, succinctly and cl'arly written.' Yachting Monthly

Part Number: PIL0957
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9781846235917
Publisher: Imray Laurie Norie And Wil'on Ltd
Author: David Rainsbury
Format: Paperback