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Imray - The West Country

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The nautical guide to prepare your sailing.
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Carlos Rojas & Susan Kemp-Wheeler
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Guide nautique en langue anglaise.

The "test" Country is a cruising guide covering Lyme Bay to Land?s end and the Isles of Scilly. It provides essential s'iling directions and détailed listings of facilities together with a wealth of information for those wishing to l'arn about the "test" Country and enjoy trips ashore. Part of the coastline has World Heritage Status and its geological history is d'scribed. Human settlement is traced'and the reader is given guidance to find the ol'est European fos'il of modern man and numerous bronze age remains. Seahorses, d'lphins, birds and flowers are d'scussed'as is the history of the cream tea, which comes with a recipe for scones! people of significance, who were born or moved here, such as Sir Francis d'ake, William Cookworthy and'agatha Christie, are also included, together with information on the atmospheric rail ay, the mining and fishing industry and, of course, the Cornish pasty.

All the information relevant to a passage, harbour or anchorage is arranged for easy access. Aerial photographs have been taken by Patrick Roach. Ord'ance Survey road maps and larger scale town plans help pinpoint facilities ashore.

The "test" Country and'Imray charts for the south'est of England provide a comprehensive package for all visitors arriving by boat.

Carlos Rojas wrote Imray's Cruising Galicia with Robert Bailey. Along with Imray and through his company Tucabo he has rel'ased marine apps for the iPhone and iPad, including Tides, Rules & Signals, Racing Rules, Boat Handling and Chart Navigation using Imray charts.

Part Number: PIL0480
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9781846232022
Publisher: Imray Laurie Norie And Wil'on Ltd
Author: Carlos Rojas & Susan Kemp-Wheeler
Format: Paperback