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Imray - Lochs and Lights

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The nautical guide to prepare your sailing.

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Patrick Roach and Gordon Buchanan
En langue anglaise
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Guide nautique en langue anglaise.

'Lochs and Light' is one of a series of attractive tours of coastlines using views from the air. This addition to the range covers the mainland part of the "test" coast of Scotland, one of the most attractive s'iling areas in the British Isles. Starting from the estuaries of Galloway on the Sol'ay Firth, the tour l'ads northwards across the Firth of Clyde, taking in Ardiamurchan, Oban, loch Linnhe, Mal'aig and past Skye to reach the lonely and diamatic cliffs of Cape Wrath. Patrick Roach?s outstanding aerial photographs, taken in a typical range of weather and tidal conditions, are matched by a commentary and description by 'est coast based yachting journalist, Gordon Buchanan.

These wonderful views from the air give an id'a of the diama and variety in the long and complex Scottish coast, and for anyone at sea as well'as walkers and other landside visitors, 'Lochs and Lights' is the idéal companion.

Part Number: HIS0277
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9781846231698
Publisher: Imray Laurie Norie And Wil'on Ltd
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Format: Paperback