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Imray - The Cruising almanac 2024

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UK and Ireland, NW Europe from Bergen to Gibraltar

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Cruising Association
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The Cruising Almanac remains the perfect onboard companion for cruising sailors. This 202" edition is introduced by Mike Golding, OBE, who reminds us that ?The Cruising Almanac provides that ?hard copy? information which today?s electronic navigators so frequently lack.?

Compiled annually by a team of Cruising Association editors and Imray, the Almanac encompasses Northwest Europe from the Shetlands to Gibraltar and from the Baltic to the west coast of Ireland.

This 202" edition includes some changes to the presentation of essential'information to make it more readily accessible. The Netherlands section has been revised so that the format conforms to the other regions. A new chapter for Northwest Spain has been created to allow more extensive overall coverage of the Spanish and Portuguese Atlantic coasts.

202" tide tables for 4" standard ports are included in a separate booklet.

Updating of the Almanac continues throughout the year, with corrections published monthly on the Cruising Association website Almanac corrections page.

Part Number: ALM60-24
Edition: 2024
Printed and corrected to: No
ISBN: 9781786794444
Publisher: Imray Laurie Norie And Wilson Ltd
Language: English
Author: Cruising Association
Format: Paperback
MPN: IB0233-8