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Digital chart Admiralty raster ARCS Philippine Sea, Celebes Sea, Java Sea, Banda Sea, Sea of Japan, Yellow Sea, China Sea, Gulf of Thailand


Before choosing a nautical chart, it is advised to know the specificities and the differences between all charts.


Before choosing a navigation software, it is advised to know the specificities and the differences between software programs available.

The digital marine chart Admiralty raster are available in two formats:

Some requests being restrictive, thank you to take note (heading Admiralty raster) before placing your order.

Nautical Charts

All nautical charts are edited on request and include the latest updates; due to obsolescence, they can neither be returned, nor exchanged.

Compatibility of digital charts Admiralty raster ARCS with navigation software



Admiralty raster ARCS

Adrena Octopus

Adrena First PC O
Adrena First Large PC O
MaxSea Time Zero    
Noé PC N
Scannav PC O
SeaPro Lite PC* O
SeaPro Standard PC* O
SeaPro Performance PC* O

SeaPro Plus























* Compatible avec Windows XP, 7, 8 et 10.

Scannav : fonctionne sous PC Windows XP à Win10, tablette Windows avec interface tactile. Ne fonctionne pas sous MacOs en natif, mais fonctionne sans problème sous Mac via Parallels. Android : une version simplifiée existe et fonctionne avec les mêmes cartes SnMap. Ipad/Iphone : pas de version à ce jour.

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